In support of our break clients, we offer the following PSA Grading Services on cards hit from one of our breaks. If you're local and need grading from our LCS, swing in or email us:


  • VALUE: $49 / Card* [Volume Discounts @ 3+ Cards]

  • VALUE+: $64 / Card** [Volume Discounts @ 3+ Cards]

  • REGULAR: $119 / Card***

  • EXPRESS: $199 / Card****


Add $20 per card for Auto grading.
*1.5 to 2.5 month turnaround from the date we ship to PSA and PSA ships back to us. Applies to cards with an estimated post-grade value of $499 or less. 
**2 to 3 week turnaround. Post-grade value of $499 or less. 
***1 to 2 week turnaround. Post-grade values of $1499 or less.
****5 to 10 day turnaround. Post-grade values of $2,499 or less.
*****4 to 7 day turnaround. Post-grade values of $4,999 or less.

Estimated turnaround times above are ESTIMATES. They are based on what is currently and publicly disclosed by PSA in addition to our recent experiences. However, we make no guarantees whatsoever to the accuracy of the estimated turnaround times discussed herein. PLEASE DO NOT send us emails regarding the status of your submission unless your card(s) are taking longer than the estimated turnaround times mentioned above. See below for recent submission statuses!

Our prices do not include: (1) shipping costs; or (2) any "value upcharges" from PSA which can occur after grading if PSA determines they are worth more than the allowed post-grade value--these charges would be passed to you without markup.

We are not professional graders. Although we may discuss our opinions on the potential grade a card may receive, such discussions and opinions are entirely unofficial and we make no claims whatsoever regarding the accuracy of such discussions and/or opinions.

You agree that we may reveal your PSA grades live on our YouTube channel prior to shipping your slabs back to you. We generally reveal all 8.5s or better. 

You must pay us in full for our grading services prior to us entering your card into PSA's system and shipping it to PSA. You must pay us in full for any PSA "value upcharges" and/or s/h costs prior to us shipping your graded card slab(s) back to you. Like all of our shipments, no insurance is included unless requested/paid by a client. No refunds will be granted in relation to any of our card grading services. Given the current environment of the hobby, our grading prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.